What matters for a culture of inclusion?

What matters for a culture of inclusion?

I really enjoyed article by Frances Frei & Anne Morriss from their book “Move Fast and Fix Things: The Trusted Leader’s Guide to Solving Hard Problems.”

? The focus is on inclusion and how it can fix “the common information” problem. => “Inclusion gives us access to everyone’s unique information, not just the information we happen to share.”

They argue that a culture of inclusion has 4 levels, as shown here:

1️⃣ Safe. “People feel physically, emotionally and psychologically safe in the workplace, regardless of who they are.”

2️⃣ Welcome. “People feel welcome in the workplace throughout the entire HR life cycle, regardless of who they are; they can bring an authentic version of themselves to shared workspaces without penalty.”

3️⃣ Celebrated. “People feel celebrated in the workplace because of who they are; they are rewarded for contributing their unique information, ideas, and perspectives to advance the organization’s goals.”

4️⃣ Championed. “A culture of inclusion permeates the organization; inclusion is seen as an ethical and competitive imperative, and there is minimal variability in the experience of belonging across individuals, teams, and functions.”

? Here’s the link: https://buff.ly/3NvSMm4

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