What makes for a really effective leadership team?

What makes for a really effective leadership team?

In this great article Roger Martin says: “The key to Leadership Team effectiveness and efficiency is segmentation of tasks. There need to be very different modes of working and the only way to do them well is to segment them into three chunks: LT Members as Individuals, LT Members as Colleagues, and LT as a Collective.”

? As Individuals, “the key imperative is role clarity that is understood and agreed upon by the CEO and the LT member.”

? As Colleagues, “the key imperative is collaboration skill, the development and utilization of which should be strongly encouraged by the CEO.”

? As a Collective, “the key imperative is focus and restraint.”

Based on what I’ve seen, I think what really matters is building the mindset that’s required for “leaders as colleagues”. It’s key for making difficult decisions, especially trade-offs. But a lot of pressures get in the way, e.g. competition and territoriality.

What do you think? Is this a useful framework for your organisation?

Here’s the link: “The Work and Workings of Leadership Teams” https://buff.ly/3QwGieH

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