What is network leadership?

What is Network Leadership? (I keep reading about it).

While traditional leadership theories focus on individual characteristics and behaviours, Network Leadership Theory views both leader and follower attributes as being “network system properties”.

There are a lot of different takes on network leadership and the “4C Model” shown here is an attempt to integrate various concepts.

It tries to answer the question: What type of network leadership is most effective and in what type of contexts?

The model highlights four key aspects:
=> Connecting: Group cohesion, shared goals, ambitions or values
=> Coaching: For commitment and enthusiasm
=> Catalyzing: Collective performance and shared ownership
=> Consulting: Involving people in developing and realising goals.

The model comes from this review paper by Madelon Wind, Esther Klaster, and Celeste Wilderom: https://buff.ly/3PD8HjY

Reference: Wind, Madelon & Klaster, Esther & Wilderom, Celeste. (2021). Leading Networks Effectively: Literature Review and Propositions. Journal of Leadership Studies. 14. 10.1002/jls.21728.

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