What is a network mindset?

In this article David Ehrlichman defines it as embracing the idea “that everything is connected — that the actions of individuals, organizations, and sectors affect one another in profound and often-unexpected ways.”

One of the main implications of shifting to a network mindset is in how you think about leadership.

=> “When you embrace a network mindset, you stop working in isolation.”

=> “Instead, you turn your focus toward cultivating connections, strengthening flows, and sharing resources to do more together than is possible alone.”

“The Network Mindset: Scaling Out, Not Up”. The link is here: https://buff.ly/3LpA0M5

The article references a great piece by Jane Wei-Skillern and Nora Silver on “Four Network Principles for Collaboration Success” which you can find here: https://buff.ly/3PkOiPg

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