What does it take to build a High-Performance Employee Experience?

What does it take to build a High-Performance Employee Experience?

This is our HPEX “blueprint” that’s based on a lot of research we’ve done.

=> There are 4 key areas for EX: Purpose, People, Work, and Total Rewards.

=> There are some aspects of these that are foundational. I often call them “brilliant basics”. These include having a supportive boss and understanding how your work fits in to the bigger picture.

=> Then there are areas where good companies emphasise an advantage over the pack. What’s interesting is that they mostly relate to inclusion and involvement. (This is one reason why I write a lot about these topics.)

=> And finally there are aspects where top companies stand out, including drive and inspiration, growth and trust.

We measure EX this way and provide organisations with a scorecard that’s aligned to their ambition.

We also design, prototype and implement solutions that spark behaviour change and create lasting impact.

=> One approach that’s very powerful for this is digital, personalised communication, which our Embark software delivers.

You can learn more about our research and approach here: https://buff.ly/48c0evk or you can just contact me.

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