The Feynman Technique

The Feynman Technique. Do you know it? You may already follow it in some form.

?Feynman’s technique is designed to help you convey information using concise thoughts and simple language.

✔ It begins with identifying a topic and writing down everything you know about it.

✔ You should then explain it in your own words, plainly and simply, without jargon — so that a child can understand what it is.

✔ Real learning happens next, when you ask yourself “What am I missing?” and “What don’t I know?” (Feynman famously kept a notebook titled “Notebook of Things I Don’t Know About.”)

✔ This process is iterative, but the next step is to tell your story and to review it. One idea is to speak it aloud so you can hear when you stumble. Another approach is to use analogies.

? Simple steps, tricky to do well, but key for effective communication.

The image here comes from BrainZucker:

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