How can you combine systems thinking and design thinking?

How can you combine systems thinking and design thinking?

That’s the question explored in this fab article by Ketut Sulistyawati.

? “We attempt to combine the best of both worlds — uniting the analytical tools of systems thinking with the creative methods of design thinking.”

? Begin by mapping the current state:
1️⃣ Define the problem & map the system
2️⃣ Research & listen to the system
3️⃣ Synthesize & remap the system
4️⃣ Reframe the problem & identify leverage points.

?Then envision the future:
5️⃣ Brainstorm ideas and design levers
6️⃣ Prototype & test solutions
7️⃣ Implement the transition
8️⃣ Measure & get feedback.

✔ Plus keep a watch out for unintended consequences.

Love this.

Read the article here: “A Framework to Embed Systems Thinking into Design Thinking Process”

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