Extreme Trust

In an age of transparency and connectivity, trust has never been more important.

Don Peppers & Martha Rogers in their book “Extreme Trust” talk about the importance of “trustability”. They argue that to succeed in a more transparent and “hyperinteractive” world you need to:

? Do things right (be competent and focus on experiences as well as performance)

? Do the right things (align your interests with those of your customers and link short-term actions to long-term value)

? Be proactive (“not knowing and not doing is not competent”).

In essence, they argue that trustability comes down to 2 dimensions:

✔ Good intentions (honesty and alignment of interests)

✔ Competence (proficiency and capability).

One of my favourite sections is on “the social role of empathy” which they argue is the reason why trustability is the “primary structural issue facing board rooms”.

Written about customer experience (CX), it’s a useful framework for employee experience (EX) leadership and HR too.

The figure shown here comes from a bog by ttec, which you can find at: https://buff.ly/48NrKzz

You can find the book here: https://buff.ly/3tzUKui

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