EX Newsletter – Summer 2022



I’m moving my informal newsletter online as the number of recipients has grown. It’s the same format – a short selection of very best EX articles I’ve come across over the last months. Hopefully, this saves you from spending time scrolling through LinkedIn and Twitter.

Here you go:

The Four Levers of Employee Experience

Stacia Garr, who runs Red Thread Research, has written a great review of EX approaches. The four levers are: 1) A clear philosophy; 2) A supportive culture; 3) Clear accountability; and 4) An aligned measurement approach.

You can get the full PDF report here: https://redthreadresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/RedThread_4LeversEmployeeExperience_Final-1.pdf

Leadership and Trust

EX is all about closing the trust gap that exists in most organisations, so I enjoyed Dave Ulrich’s list of eight specific actions leaders can take “to break the trust/truth erosion cycle.”


Social Wellbeing and Connectedness

“Sense of connection” is a very big topic, especially as people plan for the future of hybrid working. This article by Gianni Giacomelli is interesting because it looks at the importance of networks: “Good people who fail to create a strong network in their company can end up leaving.”


Remote Not Distant

Gustavo Razzetti’s new book (“Remote Not Distant: Design a Company Culture That Will Help You Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace”) is a blinder. It’s full of practical steps and templates, beginning with “understanding mindsets” and moving through to “releasing agility”. A highly recommended addition to your summer reading list.

HPEX and Hybrid

I’ve also written about employee experience and flex work in this article in People Matters. I summarise quite a bit of our recent research into high performance EX.


Let me know what you make of these, and best wishes!


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