What really matters for employee engagement?

What really matters for employee engagement? What does the research say…?

? Here are five keys, based on WTW research into what engaging managers actually do:

? Really know the people who work for you – understand their experiences, motivations and interests

? Have an interest in helping people learn to do new things in new and better ways (this isn’t about formal training, it’s about a coaching mindset and encouragement)

? Inspire people; not through slogans and posters on the wall, but in practical ways that provide a sense of purpose (e.g. customer interaction and feedback)

? Involve people through building line of sight and business literacy, and by providing access to fresh information (transparency) and by being inclusive

? Recognise people’s contribution: a “Sincere Well-Informed Timely Thank You” is a powerful thing (but many managers struggle with this).

? The list comes from the book “Closing the Engagement Gap: How Great Companies Unlock Employee Potential for Superior Results” by Julie Gebauer and Don Lowman.

? Julie leads the Heath, Wealth, and Careers team at WTW. You can learn more about this and other research we’ve done on employee engagement here: https://buff.ly/46iUjUc

? The best managers in my experience do all these things and more. What would you add to the list?

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