The Trust Triangle

This is one of my favourite frameworks for talking about trust at work (by Frances Frei and Anne Morriss). It comes from their 2020 HBR article “Begin with Trust”. They ask:

=> Which of these points is your Anchor?

=> Which is your Wobble?

=> Are you building a stable “Trust Architecture”?

In their book “Unleashed” they define leadership as: “Empowering other people as a result of your presence, and making sure that impact continues into your absence.”

=> Presence is about e.g., empathy and connection.

=> Absence is about e.g., culture and communities.

I would put nearly all the work I do on improving employee experience under the banner of “building trust” and specifically “closing the trust gap” that exists in most organisations and that’s such a drag on performance.

Here’s the link to the HBR article:

PS One thing that’s interesting in the article is that Uber is the case study. If you’ve read the book “Super Pumped” (which I thought was a great read) it’s useful to compare the two.

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Image source: HBR

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