The EX Cycle

What steps are required in shaping and delivering experiences?

This model of the “experience cycle” was first developed for Xerox. The simplified version shown here comes from an article by Hugh Dubberly and Shelley Evenson in Interactions Magazine:

Originally for CX/UX, you can apply these steps to employee experience (EX) too:

– Connecting (first impressions, day one)

– Orientating / understanding what’s possible (onboarding, first 90 days)

– Interacting (doing the work, feedback, performance management)

– Extending (learning, project successes, advancement)

– Telling others (developing others, advocacy)

I’m enjoying looking at new and old experience models at the moment, as EX is top of mind for lots of business and HR leaders. I’m always interested in learning about what’s worked before.

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