What’s required of leaders to really make change stick?

Here’s some of our research:

=> Know what success looks like and tell the story
=> Communicate as many specifics as possible, acknowledging what is not yet known
=> Display empathy, self-awareness and transparency in communications
=> Take initiative for communicating over and above the core corporate messaging.

=> Build communities by finding opportunities to involve employees
=> Generate energy around the change and model the future state by “walking the talk”
=> Stay visible and accessible during difficult periods [** This can be a tough one]
=> Encourage two-way dialogue and respond proactively to feedback received.

=> Identify and address resistance and barriers to change
=> Ensure a communication and/or change management plan is in place
=> Provide the tools and resources required
=> Create opportunities to learn new skills needed in future state.

=> Use authenticity to inspire confidence and respect from employees
=> Seek input from others to address unanswered questions from employees
=> Ensure people can speak up and create psychological safety
=> Evaluate impact of own actions on others and adjust behaviour or communication style as appropriate.

Read more about our research and our approach to change leadership here: https://buff.ly/46ZtKUq