How’s your Emotional Energy and how charged are your Moral Batteries?

How’s your Emotional Energy and how charged are your Moral Batteries?

Emotions in the workplace is a hot topic. However, a lot of stuff on LinkedIn and in general focuses on the individual. As a social scientist by background I like how this paper draws on concepts from sociology as well.

=> “People are inherently social–emotional and embedded within organizations and institutions.”

The paper highlights the importance of:

=> Collective emotions: common feelings as a result of shared experiences.

=> Emotional energy, which operates as a continuum ranging from ”good-self feelings’ to ‘negative self-feelings’.

=> Moral batteries: “positive and negative emotions which motivate action away from an unattractive state and towards an attractive one.”

=> Emotional capital: resources that shape behavioural dispositions that may be seen as desirable or undesirable within a social group.

Here’s to more work on understanding and improving situational mechanisms and social bonds.

And here’s the link to the paper:

Citation: Zhang, R., Voronov, M., Toubiana, M., Vince, R. and Hudson, B.A. (2023), Beyond the Feeling Individual: Insights from Sociology on Emotions and Embeddedness. J. Manage. Stud..

** I associate “moral batteries” with work on social movements, and prefer this definition from James Jasper: “Pairs of emotions, one positive and the other negative, which draw people toward one pole as they repel them from the other” e.g. pride and shame.

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