How can you involve people when designing changes?

The Systemic Design Practice Wheel guides practitioners taking creative and participatory approaches to complex problems. Designed by Emma Blomkamp, it distils experience and knowledge from research, evaluation, education and practice in design for public and social innovation.

The five core domains (5 Ps) of the wheel are:
=> Principles: Why and how does this work need to happen? What matters most?
=> Place: Where does this work fit? When is it happening? Which level are we working at?
=> Process: How will we organise our approach? What are the key moments?
=> People: Who needs to be involved? What do they bring? What do they need?
=> Practice: What specific methods, techniques and tools will we use?

The focus is on “systemic co-design”. Although it was developed for public and social policy, it has far broader application, e.g., for building design thinking into employee experience and for managing many other projects.

I love “collecting” ideas and tools like this.

This canvas is available on Emma Blomkamp’s website, which is full of great materials and you can find it here:

You can read more about the approach here as well: Emma Blomkamp (2022) “Systemic design practice for participatory policymaking,” Policy Design and Practice, 5:1, 12-31

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