How can you improve decision making?

In their book “Decisive” Chip and Dan Heath came up with the WRAP framework (shown here) in order to tackle four key “villains” of decision-making, i.e., ”common traps and biases”.

What are the steps?

=> Widen the frame:
– e.g., Ask great questions and experiment
– e.g., Consider the opportunity cost of a choice that isn’t taken

=> Reality-test your assumptions:
– e.g., Seek out different perspectives and counter-evidence
– e.g., Prototyping and testing

=> Attain distance before deciding:
– e.g., View the situation as if it was happening to someone else
– e.g., Remember what’s important in the long term

=> Prepare to be wrong:
– e.g., Adopt probabilistic thinking
– e.g., Consider and plan how to learn from negative outcomes

Some useful advice and what I like are the links to things such as active listening, design thinking, and learner- / psychological safety. All important stuff.

You can learn more here:

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