How can you fuel innovation by improving the discovery process?

How can you fuel innovation by improving the discovery process?

That’s the focus of this great article by Dan Ramsden, Creative Director at the BBC.

It’s an important topic. One common problem I see in leadership decision-making is rushing through discovery and minimising involvement. This can lead to ineffective solutions that quickly run out of steam.

? “Too often, discovery is framed as a linear process to validate a hunch or find a problem for a solution that someone has already fallen in love with.”

? “Discovery is [more] like the back and forth of a good conversation. There’s a repetitive echo as we make progress from problems towards solutions.”

In his 3D-Pyramid model, he identifies four broad activities:
1️⃣ Identify
2️⃣ Create
3️⃣ Experiment
4️⃣ Evaluate.

? It’s a 3-dimensional model, so you can understand relationships between activities: “Moving between the modes helps to “balance” activities and provide momentum.”

He highlights two forms of “making” that the model helps with:
1️⃣ Sense-making. This is about observation, measurement and synthesis – producing an understanding of the situation.
2️⃣ Difference-making: This identifies and invents alternatives in order to answer “how could things be?”

It’s a great cut-out-and-build model.

Here’s the link to the article: “How to Lead Discovery”

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