Employee engagement trends during the pandemic

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been tracking the Employee Experience (EX). We just released an update, with over 500,000 employees surveyed. We see 3 key themes:

1. Employee levels of concern have improved but are still high:
• Around 50% are anxious and have financial worries
• Two-thirds report at least some ongoing distraction

2. Despite employees’ concerns, they give their organisations “high marks” for support:
• Communicating updates on the response
• Providing tools and resources to work effectively
• Trust in leaders

3. Views about office reopenings are mixed:
• 70% of employees have some concern about safety of commuting and working from company locations when offices reopen
• Almost 75% of employees prefer to remain working from home
• This is despite recognition of company efforts to ensure safety

If you’d like to learn more about what leading companies are doing to drive a better EX during this time, or to discuss our COVID-19 pulse surveys, just get in touch with me here.

This was first posted on LinkedIn on 19 August 2020

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