EX Leadership Newsletter – July 2023

Design thinking – Leadership love – Belonging – Get Stuff Done

It’s hot out there.** So I recommend grabbing a cool drink and reading these articles while you sit in the shade; they’re the ones I’ve enjoyed the most over the last few months and that have got me thinking. I hope you find them useful too.

** With apologies to friends in the UK where the weather is actually pretty rubbish.

First up is this great piece on design thinking by Hal Wuertz. I really like the way she combines design thinking with scientific approaches to solving problems.

“It’s Time to Re-Design How We Think”: https://medium.com/age-of-awareness/its-time-to-re-design-how-we-think-8f03fcee12a7

Then there’s this interview with Gianpiero Petriglieri on humanising leadership. He talks about leadership as a love story – one that moves you and that moves others too.

“The Need To Humanise Leadership & Work”: https://corporateunplugged.com/gianpiero-petriglieri/

Belonging is a topic I’m hearing more and more about (and I’m enjoying reading Geoff Cohen’s book on the science of belonging). I missed this article by Marissa Afton when it first came out, but I really like its focus on “the four pillars of belonging” all of which resonate with me.

“How to Cultivate Belonging at Work”: https://www.potentialproject.com/insights/how-to-cultivate-belonging-at-work

Kim Scott is one of my favourite writers and as is her style this piece is direct and to-the-point as she discusses her “Get Stuff Done (GSD) Wheel”.

“Creating a Culture of Listening”: https://kimmalonescott.medium.com/creating-a-culture-of-listening-e24e4e3030e9

That’s it. The promise I made when I started this newsletter was that I would only share 3-4 great articles each time and I’ve noticed myself struggling to keep to that limit recently. Not this time though!



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