Connection, belonging and innovation

A CEO I’m working with told me their 3 “big worries” about their people during this pandemic:

1. All the “pre-activity” (their word) that’s being lost, i.e. the chance conversations and the informal sharing of information and insight that usually takes place in the office.

2. The lack of mentoring and day-to-day coaching of junior staff – again the informal stuff where people are shown new things or learn a different perspective.

3) The difficulty that leaders are having in “instilling and sustaining” (their words) the culture of the organisation “over Teams.”

It could be that a lot of this is happening online and simply isn’t visible to leaders, which is one of the things we’re looking to find out. But I also think these are important concerns.
In fact, many of the leaders I’m working with at the moment are asking something similar, along the lines of “How do we maintain connection and belonging and evolve our culture as we work differently?” Or as another client put it: “As this pandemic goes on and on and on… how do we keep and evolve the “secret sauce” that’s made us successful?”

Connection, belonging, innovation… these are key reasons for focusing on the changing employee experience.

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