Are your managers able to communicate about pay, pay fairness, and pay transparency?

Are your managers able to communicate about pay, pay fairness, and pay transparency?

This is a hot topic. New regulations are forcing organizations to think about pay transparency and fair pay on a global level. Pay management, governance practices and reward communication are now urgent focus areas.

In our latest survey, we found that:

=> 24% of companies say their lack of a clear job architecture and job levelling frameworks was a factor holding back increased pay programme communication

=> 33% indicated that one reason for a lack of pay transparency was because their pay programmes were simply not ready.

Probably the most interesting finding is just how crucial managers are when it comes to communicating about rewards:

=> Eight in 10 organizations report using managers to communicate pay program information to their workforce

=> Yet, few report adequately preparing managers for this task. Only two in five say they are effective at educating managers on pay and pay equity issues.


What can you do?

=> One success factor in reward communications is effective use of digital platforms to personalise information for employees and managers. This is an area of employee experience that’s going to become more and more important very quickly.

Learn more about that here:

And you can learn more about our Pay Transparency Survey here:

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EX Leadership Newsletter – April 2023

It’s Spring in the UK, which means the bluebells are out and that 2023 is flying by. Here’s my latest newsletter. As always, it contains the best EX articles I’ve come across over the last few months. Let me know if you find them interesting too.

First up, I found this report by Marc Effron very useful. It’s full of detail about trends in performance management, which is such a key topic. I worked with Marc when I was in New York. He’s a great person to follow on LinkedIn for all things talent and performance.

This is a thoughtful paper by Jared Peterson on the importance of understanding context. In essence, he argues that when behaviour change solutions don’t create an impact, it’s really because we haven’t understood the context in which people operate (so don’t rush to blame the “solution” itself). There’s a lot to think about here. Save this one for when you have a big mug of tea to hand.

I enjoyed this article by Hanadi El Sayyed on sustainability and employee experience. She looks at the link to purpose, wellbeing, and innovation. It’s an area I’m really interested in, as are lots of my clients, and it’s only going to increase in importance over time. Tapping into the energy of your workforce is really key for climate action.

Another person I recommend you follow on LinkedIn is Sarah McLellan. Her series on “culture cracks” is a brilliant read as is this short article on what you need to measure in the new world of work. She highlights things like employee vitality, culture health, and purpose & impact. It’s a terrific list.

I thought this was an interesting analysis of what CEOs talk about on LinkedIn. I’ve not really come across this information before. UK CEOs – and their social media teams – apparently take a relatively personal approach in their posts, including one-to-one interactions with employees and sharing personal career stories.

This is an interesting paper looking at the manager behaviours that keep people from speaking up and testing some potential (simple and low-cost) interventions. It’s based on work done by Novartis. What it really highlights is the importance of team and individual dialogue.

I’m behind on my own writing, but if you’re interested, I have a draft article on “Engagement & Retention” on Medium. If you take a look, let me know what you think.

I also did a video to mark the 4th anniversary of my book being published. I briefly talk about what’s changed in the world of EX since then. The main thing is that it was a very windy day in London when I did the video.

As always, let me know what you make of these.

Best wishes,


Are your days numbered?

“Data is evidence – it impacts decision-making – but the key to data is the insights and story telling.”

Here’s a piece I contributed to for VOICE, the magazine of the Institute for Internal Communications.

You can find the article here and below.

Tags: #Communications #EmployeeExperience #DesignThinking

The article was first published on December 1, 2020.