Including Rewards In People Analytics

Many articles on people analytics seem to have a glaring omission – they don’t mention rewards. This article shows how we include rewards in our work on EX and why it’s a useful thing to do.More

EX Newsletter Autumn 2021

Here is the autumn edition of my EX Newsletter. Over the last few months, we have been doing a lot of work on the connection between culture and EX, and that’s reflected in the content below.More

EX Newsletter Summer 2021

Here is the Summer edition of my EX newsletter; a selection of the key EX articles I’ve come across over the last few monthsMore

Workforce Engagement in the UK

How have companies responded to changes in the Corporate Governance Code and what does that tell us about the state of employee engagement?More

EX Newsletter March 2021

I have started an informal newsletter containing the best EX articles that I come across. You can sign up to receive this by email via the Contact link.More